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Wen Haircare - BEWARE using Wen Shampoo HAIR LOSS!!!!!!!!!

Company Wen Haircare
Product / Service Pomegranite Wen Shampoo
Location San Diego, California
Category Health and Beauty
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I've seen the commercials and thought why not try it because it seems to have a nice effect on hair and felt that my hair could even look better.I was shocked to see after the first wash SO MUCH HAIR IN THE SHOWER.

I have never experienced that in my life. I immediately called company and gal I spoke with advised to keep using with the conditioner as she had lost hair too the first time as it was just kicking out old stuff. I wanted to believe and used again with the conditioner and gobs of hair falling out. I stopped and it has been a month and shedding, shedding, shedding.

I hate to wash my hair as there is so much fall out and now I'm stressed which doesn't help.I only wish I would have read all the other people that are losing their hair with this horrible product. 30196dd

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Mar 01  from Escondido, California
I LUV LUV LUV the WEN Conditioner!! For over 30 yrs my hair has been on the short side and was only able to barely get it on my shoulders
Since Wen, i Don't have to color as much because my color last longer. PLUS my hair has grown over 4 inches in a year of using!! For the First time, my hair is longer then my daughters!!
Pomegranate is my Favorite! No Hugh hair Loss! :) :) :) :)
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Jan 09 
Loved the product at first, but after 8 months, I have lost hair in two spots as well as at the front hairline. I am sad, my hair has always been thick and pretty. I can only pray that after discontinuing usage, maybe it will grow back. Be aware, not a good thing to use.
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Dec 31, 2013 
Many have posted of how Wen is causing their hair to fall out, but I haven't read follow ups. Those who have posted complaints, are you able to post the aftermath of months of shedding. How long has the shedding continue since you stop using Wen? Has anyone gone bald? Has anyone completely loss their hair line or bangs? Have their hair completely recovered once the shedding stopped? How long before your hair started to grow back? Also, if you mention your age I believe will help both younger and older readers. Original suffer's experiences would be greatly appreciated for those who are just starting to experience this horror
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Dec 15, 2013  from Cicero, Illinois
To the person who suggested that "you read the reviews" on QVC to know there is not a lot of complaints with this product; I can tell you from personal experience that QVC screens it's posting and my negative review with great specificity and detail was never posted. And read the contents on your Wen bottle. Your hair is shiney because wen is loaded with silicone. Over time silicone causes buildup, blocks your pores and hair follicles and will indeed cause your hair to break off and fall out. If your hair is naturally shiny, without the aid of product, this is a sign of smooth cuticles, but overly shiny hair with wen should be your clue......silicone, silicone, silicone......
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Dec 13, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
Having recently posted my experience with Wen and substantial hair loss over a relatively short period of time. I am most surprised by the negative posting from those who say, "I love Wen, I haven't lost any hair, so something must be wrong with you."

Whether it is a hair care product, cosmetic or topical treatment of any kind; one must be open to the reality that not everyone will experience the same results based on their use of a product. For some women, Wen may be a "life safer" "hair changer" etc.,in what you perceive to be a good thing. BUT!!!!! there are just as many, those such as myself who have experienced the negative effects as a result of this product. Wen is much thicker than your standard commercial conditioner, and this really should make one wonder what is in it. And here in the U.S. we need to be more educated with a product's claim to be "All Natural." The FDA DOES NOT have a clear definition as to what "ALL NATURAL" is and this leaves the door open for makers of products to use such terms and legally be within the boundaries and yet, sale and promote products with ingredients that can be harmful.

Per Wen's own labeling:

The Styling Gel and Texture Balm contain Propylene Glycol. This is used as a Humectant. A humectant is a substance that helps retain moisture content. It prevents things from drying out. This is the reason why it is used in skin care products & cosmetics. It makes the product feel soft
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Oct 20, 2013  from Winston Salem, North Carolina
I used wen on the advice of a family member. I started getting sores on my scalp and my hair came out. There is something in it that causes an infection of the hair follicles, thus the hair falls out. stop using and see a dermatologis
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Oct 13, 2013 
My friends,family and I have been using Wen a lot-none of them has had any problems losing their hair or any other problems. Could it be that you're on some medication that is causing this or something- it improved hair growth for us and the best product we've ever tried.
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Oct 13, 2013 
I'm not taking anything pharmaceutical, in fact my background is health and nutrition so I know how to eat right and take the best supplements. Yes there are people that have done well with this product but there are many who haven't.
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Sep 08, 2013  from Toronto, Ontario
U can buy this product cheaper at those as seen on tv stores such as Showcase at mapleview mall in Burlington. And u can choose a one two or three month supply...best part, same freebies no shipping fees!!!! :grin
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Sep 08, 2013  from Toronto, Ontario
This isn't ***.... It happened to me AND MY 18 YR OLD daughter too...and after stopping Wen the hair loss CONTINUED FOR OVER A YEAR!!!! At least so far....let ya know if it stops. Oh, coincidentally we were using the pomegranate as well. We started with original... No problem... Pomegranate... Big problem. No idea why. :cry
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Sep 02, 2013 
Since so many state they believe the folks that love this product actually work for the company, I have a suggestion. QVC sells this product, so it may help to read their reviews. If you think the reviews on QVC are bogus, all you need do is call QVC customer service to confirm the reviews are posted by ordinary people that have purchased the product from QVC. Now, on the flip side, my hair has always been moderately thin, very fine, silky, stick straight with absolutely NO body, and (in my younger years!) quite shiny. WEN does do a good job of cleansing, and after using it for over two years, I am not losing my hair. BUT, I find this product leaves my hair even more limp and flat. I must STILL use mousse or styling gel - as I always have. NOTHING has ever produced body and bounce in my hair! Also, watching the infomercial I noticed every woman's hair looked flat, even those with very thick hair (extremely curly hair excluded). They need to add a volumizer directly into the cleanser. WEN does, however, make my hair shiny, and when you are 50-something, that is a big plus! Gov't. Employee.
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Sep 02, 2013  from Lawton, Oklahoma
If you people hate or love this WEN product then you should show your pic with your comment so we can see your hair. That will make these reviews more believeable. As it is, we don't know if you are customers or working for the WEN company.
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Sep 02, 2013 
Why would you need to see a photo of someone's hair? How would that prove whether or not that person worked for WEN? Case in point: They both use the product. Illogical.
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Jul 29, 2013  from San Juan, San Juan
I have been using WEN for a little while now. At first I noticed a little thinning but put it off as a change of seasons thing winter-summer....that was until I now have actual patches of missing hair!!!!! Some the size of quarters. Went to the dr and they found NO medical reason for this to be happening and can't diagnose alopecia because it appears that the hair is trying to grow back...which leaves The new WEN products I have been using. Looked online and found I am not the only person to have this problem. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Unless you believe baldness is an acceptable cure for frizzy hair.
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Jul 26, 2013  from San Francisco, California
I have thick course hair that was getting damaged from washing my hair everyday and using a flat iron and a blow dryer, saw the Wen commercial and ordered it. At first I was not a fan, hair was dirty looking and did not feel great. I watched the demonstration one more time and did exactly what they said to do and have been in love with Wen ever since. I love the fig, mango coconut and the pumpkin. They are the best with my type of hair that needs a lot of moisture. I don't lose anymore hair than I normally did when I used shampoo and conditioner and my hair grows much faster than it did before. I never want to run out.
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Jul 13, 2013 
:zzz :zzz
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Jul 08, 2013 
I have used wen in the past n after using it even the first time I noticed a big difference iny hair. I have thin fine hair n even my.hairdresser of 20 years have noticed I no longer have split ends n I color my hair as well n the color lasts longer n doesn't fade while using wen. The only reason I stopped using wen was because I lost my job n couldn't afford wen anymore. So after not using for awhile I noticed my hair starting to get split ends again n find loose hair in the shower, therfore I will nt ordering wen again so I can go back to having healthy hair again. So maybe the product doesn't work for everyone , nit I do know it works for me. Thank you wen n I look forward to using ur product once again. :)
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Jul 06, 2013  from West Sacramento, California
I don't anything about loosing hair . But called to order it for my daughter and just to get the price on tv you are put on a thirty day renewal. All I wanted to do was see if my daughter like it not enroll in a life time supply. And when I told them to forget it all I wanted was to try it they told me it would cost me more this is just like every other infomercial on tv the lie to get you to call. Then I fond this post and found out some people have lost hair so I will not get this for my daughter.
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Aug 19, 2013  from Houston, Texas
I have to laugh - lose hair? Seriously? Not at all - unless it's in your genes to lose hair/go bald - no way. As for sending the product every month? A come on to buy the product? All you do is make a 15 second phone call and just say you don't want it sent - period. No biggie. Try it with the introductory price and then if you choose not to use it call them The product is worth every penny and hair loss? Quite the opposite.
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Sep 05, 2013  from San Francisco, California

Thats how I did it and now I get it from QVC
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