Wen Haircare - WEN Massive Hair Loss!!!!

I had long, thick, blonde wavy hair halfway down my back and all one length (no layers). My Crowning glory! Started using WEN in July 2011 because it was organic and natural and I'm ecology-minded and trying to live a greener lifestyle. My hair was beautiful and thick and actually became thicker as I aged, instead of thinning as so many women experience. I used the WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner in July and the first time I applied it, I was aware of an intense burning on my scalp and left it on my head for a shorter time than the instructional video advised. I saw where Menthol was an ingredient and because I saw no warning or caution on label re: burning sensation , I continued to use the product. I used the WEN from July 2011 to mid September 2011. During this time, the hair loss after combing out from shampooing was more than I've ever had. I have always been very grateful that I never lost even the minimal amount of hair that is to naturally be expected from brushing and shampooing.

Then in late September, while shampooing with WEN, I noticed the water in my shower had risen to my ankles. I thought the drain must be closed. I was horrified when I reached down and pulled a handfull of hair that was clogging the drain. I had to pull the hair from the drain twice during this shower. I have been losing hair, non-stop ever since. It sounds gross but I have a quart size baggie full of solid clumps of my hair that I've pulled from the shower drain, and this does not include what I collect from my brush, clothing, bedding, dryer vent, EVERYWHERE!!! Today I found a 1 inch bald spot on the upper left crown of my head and there doesn't appear to be any new hair growing in. My scalp has a scaly layer of skin, similar to dandruff but I've never in my life had any such problem. I am traumatized and in utter despair.

I have filed a report with the FDA and spoken with WEN Reps who tell me they are so sorry to hear of my problem but they have no medical experts on staff to advise me how to rectify. I was laid-off from my job with the SD School District in June and my medical insurance expired the end of September. But I did have an annual complete physical and blood work-up in mid September and there is no medical cause for the hair loss. I'm a healthy, vegetarian of 17 years who uses protein supplements and vitamains, exercise regularly and have no allergies. My physiological age is 20 years younger than actual age. No smoking, drinking, drugs. It is such a sudden change that it can easily be traced back to what I was doing differently between July and September AND THAT IS USING WEN FIG CLEANSING CONDITIONER! It is the WEN! Please be alarmed and aware, Everybody, that there is without a doubt, MASSIVE AND ONGOING hair loss caused by WEN. I DON'TKNOW WHAT TO DO AND Am an EMOTIONAL WRECK. I am so concerned that many other women will be sucked in by the Celebrity Informercials of beautiful, shining hair and find themselves bald within 6 months. Get the word out! Contact the FDA at 800-332-1088 or file a complaint on the FDA website. Please let me hear of your own experiences. There is power in numbers. All my friends tell me to get a good attorney but all I'm concerned with is finding out how to stop the hair loss and hopefully re-grow what I've lost. At this rate, I will be bald in another month.


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Sep 18 #1035373

I have been using Wen Fig also. I have only had three shampoos but have also experienced much hair loss during showering. My hair is extremely short and has been getting shorter since using this product. I have even noticed bald spots that I didn't have before. I need help. I don't know what to do. It was supposed to help my hair improve it's quality.

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Jul 14 #1007686 Walnutport, Pennsylvania

Other then stop using wen wat can I do bout my hair loss and scalp burn spots

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Apr 09 #969684 Hanford, California


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Apr 03 #967357 California, United States

I'm only 24 years old and I had very thick beautiful natural curls after wen my curls were gone and I lost 50% thickness and I'm still listing hair after a week off of it

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May 15 #984906

i have long blond curly hair was to my waist line .. At first wen was good I used all the almond products then after a month of use my head started to get very itchy . And my hair thinned . I stopped using this product. But to late it's been s month I've lost 4 inches in length and it's so thin it ties in nots . And is still falling out.. I'm devestated it took years to grow.. My pride and joy. I'm heart broken and at 51 I don't want to cut it but it's a mess.. So sad. I'm in Canada wish I could sue this company

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Mar 18 #960515 Corpus Christi, Texas

My 11 yr old used twice at my mom's house this past weekend and is now experiencing hair loss and now has a bald spot the size of a half dollar !! Mind you her hair has always been thick and healthy !

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Dec 06, 2014 #912141 New York, New York

how could you continue to use the product???

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Momma Dukes

Nov 28, 2014 #907411 Mystic, Connecticut

Furious in Mystic Ct.!! As of November 27,2014 I have wanted to try the Wen products now for well over a couple years of coarse after seeing commercials and adds in the magazines of the women who say Its the best thing!! I am 45 years old, long straight auburn hair ,decided to give it a try. Worst mistake EVER!! The first time I used Wen my hair looked and felt wonderful, two days later washed my hair again with Wen let it naturally air dry within a few hours my hair looked as if I hadn't washed it in several days, Very Greasy, well needless to say the next day I rewashed my hair with the Wen and again a few hours later Greasy looking, so I decided to go back to my normal shampoo needless to say 2 days later I washed again with the Wen BIG MISTAKE!! After using Wen a handful of times only to have a family member say on Thanksgiving day Oh my you have a large bald spot! What I reply! I thought they were joking, as we went to look in the mirror to my horror Yes a large bald spot about 3 inches around in the back of my head! Ive got company at my house for Thanksgiving dinner and all I can think about is my bald spot!! Horriable!! WARNING to all interested in trying Wen DON'T!! I went to the dr. this morning so upset , now she is sending me to a dermatologist to try to help my hair grow back in that large bald spot! My 16 year old son took pictures and was so upset! I am not a spiteful person but I am going to go after Wen for destroying my hair!! Looking for attorney to... Show more

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Dec 08, 2014 #913109 Shingletown, California

There is a class action suit that has been filed in California. Do a web search for it, it will give you the name of the attorneys handling the action. You should be able to join the suit. I just bought some of the fig last week. Used it a year ago, a friend gave me a small sample to try, and I had no reaction. Now I am afraid to use it after reading these scary stories. I just found out today about the hair loss and the class action suit.

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May 02, 2014 #811265

I have Lupus, Sjogrens, fibromyalgia and a few other things just for good measure. I am really sorry you have all had these issues with your hair. I too had knee length, amazingly thick hair that I will admit to being a tad bit vain over. Unlike most of the people I read about here I used the Wen Almond hair care products (as does my sister who has no health issues) and my hair stopped falling out and he begun to grow back in. I didn't even know about it until my sister recommended it and then I read about it on the Lupus website and tried their introductory offer.

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Jan 27, 2014 #778868

I just used the product 3x and i have a golf ball size bald spot on top of my head. How do i go about suing WEN for this? do i need to see a doctor first? Please help! :cry

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Feb 05, 2014 #782264 Elmont, New York

The very fact that you used it only 3 times and have a golf size bald spot speaks volumes of what the product is capable of doing to a head of hair. Hair is so important to us as women, it is our crowning glory. I used Wen for 3 years, kept losing hair and did not think at all it could be the Wen!! I went to Dr., blood tests, thinking it had to be something else. One day I went back to my Nick Chavez. Using Wen I had handfuls of hair coming out in the shower, using Nick I had a pinky of hair. This was alarming and I was extremely angry.
I agree with you, a class action law suit is in order, I am researching for one.
I stopped using Wen a couple of months ago, and so far, my hair loss seems to be permanent, it looks terrible. I used to have a thick head of hair!! I am going to try the apple cider vinegar rinse mentioned here and see it it helps at all.

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Momma Dukes

Nov 28, 2014 #907415 Mystic, Connecticut

Angie I am sorry to hear about your bald spot after using wen, we are in the same boat!! I as well have a large bald spot in the back of my head! I sure hope by now your hair has grown in, it gives me a little hope! I went to the doctor today the day after I wasn told about my bald spot, now they are sending my to a dermatologist!! I wish I had checked to see if there were complaints on Wen before I used it before my balding!! Read my post! Mamma Dukes

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Dec 28, 2013 #765102 Jesup, Georgia

well I have been wondering if that was my problem or not that is why i came on here looking now I am sure that I am loosing my hair because of WEN hair care products so I will be canceling mine now and I also have always had very thick hair and in the past two months it has gotten so much thinner and I am not happy about it, so I guess now I need to call WEN and let them know how pissed I am.

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Dec 25, 2013 #763828

Wen Hair Loss

Wen made my hair fall out. 
I found out why. 
My hair is growing back. 
My hairline is filling in. 
(after 2 years of hair loss, I started to have Sir Isaac Newton's hairline.) 

The reason why is because it wasn't cleaning and the yeast that lives on the scalp was proliferating and creating loss etc. 

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Monistat (yes- yeast cream) 
2 tablespoons of Water 

Add to scalp ( non greasy) with a dye applicator bottle. Gently it in where there might be any residue. Leave it on til next shampoo. (2-3 days for my long hair at age 49). It is starting to look lustrous again and not all droopy and weird. 

I do not yet know the frequency of maintinance. 
I am posting this as a public service. 

Stop the shedding. My hair slowed shedding in the first application and now is normal 25 hairs per wash. It was coming out in clumps up to 200 or more hairs each time. Wen made my hair fall out. 
I found out why. 
My hair is growing back. 
My hairline is filling in. 
(after 2 years of hair loss, I started to have Sir Isaac Newton's hairline.) 

The reason why is because it wasn't cleaning and the yeast that lives on the scalp was proliferating and creating loss etc.   Yeast consumes sebum to love. It wasn't washing the sebum away

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Monistat  (yes- yeast cream) 
with ... Show more

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Feb 05, 2014 #782268 Elmont, New York

Thank you for this post, yeast on the head makes so much sense, the body has to get rid of it somehow! Thank you for the hope that it does get better. Can you say how long will you use the monistat protocol? This Wen has been a nightmare for me, I had beautiful, thick, long hair and now it is thin and wimpy. I can see my scalp. I cry. I do not want people to see me. I bought hair pieces that I attach to the back of my head to give that old familiar full look. What makes me so angry is that Wen does not address this hair loss at all. I want to scream it from the roof tops. How would one of those QVC hosts like it if their hair started falling out? It is easy to see that on the QVC website, Wen has his people posting comments invalidating those who have lost hair. Wait until it happens to them. I am sorry I ever fell for the hype. Wen is dishonorable.

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Nov 01, 2013 #736142 Los Angeles, California

This SOB Chaz wen is # 1 fraud. I used only one packet but its extremely frustating to note that this Wen care really sucks. Everyday hair keeps falling after use. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. ITS WILL ONLY GIVE YOU BALDNESS. After couple of days using I HAVE COMPLETELY STOOPPED AND WANTED TO RETURN THE FRAUD PRODUCT. This SOB wen care charged my credit card AGAIN WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION & despite of the fact that I NEVER PLACED ANY ORDER SECOND TIME. NOW I AM APPROACHING SMALL CLAIM COURT AND WILL RECOVER ALL THE LOSSES FROM THIS FRAUD # 1 WEN CARE PRODUCT BY SUIING.

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Oct 22, 2013 #731682

Catherine I absolutely feel your pain. I also started using Wen Almond Mint shampoo about a year ago. A few months back I started to loose my hair and by now I have very little hair left in my hear. It is soooooooooo painful. Like you I went to the Dr. for a myriad of tests and everything came negative for a reason for hair loss. I don't take medications, only vitamins and I am also in great health, and like you I had a beautiful head of hair, and like you I trusted this shampoo to be good for me. What are we going to do? :cry :cry :cry

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Aug 27, 2013 #707483 Troy, Michigan

Yes I used wen some time ago,(2yrs ago) I HAD long,thick, curly blonde hair!! Not no more & losing more everyday!! I AM VERY ANGRY!!! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE WITH WEN!! WEN AM I GONNA GET MY HAIR BACK?? VERY ANGRY!!! PLEASE :cry DON'T USE THIS HAIR PRODUCTS!!! :cry :?

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Feb 05, 2014 #782270 Elmont, New York

Hello buckwheat,
Did you get your hair back yet? I stopped Wen for a few months now and have not seen it come back yet. I am so angry, like you.I had long thick curly brown hair, God I miss it so.

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